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You will make profits and build your business if you spend more time doing what you’re good at and less time doing what we are good at, the bookkeeping and accounting. Check out our Accounting Made Easy Programs to find one that frees you up and fits your needs. Each basic program can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Free one hour consultation.

Program #1

  • Corporate income tax preparation
  • Personal income tax preparation-main family member
  • One accounting meeting
  • One tax planning session
  • One tax projection
  • Unlimited phone consultations with us
  • Fees for the above are $ 2,496

Program Services

  • Corporate income tax preparation
  • Personal income tax preparation-shareholders only
  • Three accounting meetings
  • Staff training and system improvements
  • Three business planning / tax planning sessions
  • Two tax projections
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Payroll Taxes
  • W-2’s and 1099’s at year-end
  • Sales Tax Returns
  • Depreciation schedules
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Unlimited phone consultations with us
  • Customized approach to your financial information
  • Quickbook or other software training and support
  • All menu items listed below
  • A customized program will be created for you.

SOFTWARE- QUICKBOOKS, provides you and us with a consistent platform from which to work.


  • Software setup
  • Training
  • 1 year of phone and on-line help
  • One time charge $ 995 

Here’s what you get:

  • Quickbooks® installed on your computer
  • Current chart of accounts and balances
  • Training to set up your suppliers and vendors for accounts payable and bill payment,
  • Training to print checks, make deposits and keep an accurate check register
  • Electronic bill payment from your bank.
  • Customer setup and training on billing and recording customer payments
  • Training on producing financial reports

See our menu of other optional services below, which you can order and we will simply charge your credit card at the time of your order. We look forward to putting together a package that uniquely fits your needs.

  • Sales tax preparation $ 100 each
  • Bank Reconciliations $ 125 each account
  • 1099 preparation $ 15 each, minimum $50
  • Depreciation schedule updates $ 150
  • Payroll tax return preparation and W-2’s $ 125 each quarter / $ 10 per W-2(min $75)
  • Annual Reports $ 150
  • Insurance Audits – Payroll $ 175
  • Tax Return Copies $ 50 by e-mail / $75 hard copy or fax
  • Financial Statement Copies $ 50 by e-mail / $75 hard copy or fax
  • Response to Federal or State Notices $ 125
  • Tax Projections – Corporate and/or Personal $ 255
  • Quickbooks® training $ 149 per hour in our office $169 per hour in your office
  • Quickbooks® phone support $ 299 per year
  • Personal Financial Statements on bank forms $ 145
  • FAFSA Student Aid / Loan Forms $ 145

Miscellaneous service package (includes the services listed below – offered separately above) – $ 289 per year

  • Annual Reports
  • Insurance Audits – Payroll
  • Tax Return Copies
  • Financial Statement Copies
  • IRS Notices
  • Sales Tax Notices
  • Dept. of Employment Security Notices
  • Illinois Department of Revenue Notices
  • Tax Projections – Corporate and/or Personal


Explanation of the details

Accounting meetings,these are serious sit downs with the owners going over the internally produced financial statements. Fast paced and informative these meetings will bring the numbers to life and help you to run your business with a purpose. The financials tell a story and we will help you to understand and use them.

Tax planning sessions, these sessions allow us to explore your tax planning options to help legally control the amount of tax to be paid and when it will be paid. We will develop a plan usually in the Spring of the year so as to allow the most time for implementation. The second tax planning session is held right after Labor Day as this allows us to be proactive in addressing new issues and circumstances to make modifications to your benefit. The idea is to control how much you pay and when you will pay it. .

Tax projections, are done to see if the plan is working. The results are compared to the plan in order to make changes. The first tax projection is done after the mid-year accounting meeting. The second tax projection is prepared after the third quarter accounting has been completed and allows for end of year decisions and changes. Your money is important, our job is to help you keep it.

Business planning sessions, our role as advisors is to help you clearly define your goals, make and implement a plan and work with you to achieve amazing results. These meetings set the tone for where you want to go and how you will get there. Upon completing these sessions you will have definite goals and a plan of attack to accomplish them.

Which program is right for you? The one that will give you the greatest opportunity to achieve amazing results. Invest in yourself, the rewards will be outstanding.

Rich Manietta CPA
Margie Manietta CPA